Oct 212012

Here is your free e-Voice Card

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I’m a citizen just like you, and I NEVER thought I would see our country in the freefall it is now.
My son went to Iraq and spent years of his life facing danger 24/7 to defend our freedom.
I wanted to do my part and thought “What can I do?”
I realized that the battle for freedom is not THERE anymore! It’s right HERE, right NOW! 
So, I developed this interactive PDF list of strategic resources.
It’s an E-VOICE CARD you can drag onto your desktop and easily click a link to:
  • Make your voice known to the GOVERNMENT.
  • Make your voice known to the MEDIA (TV, Newspapers, Radio even movie reviews)
  • You can get e-alerts on key issues and information on both government and media.
  • Find what your constitutional rights are as a student, teacher, pastor.
  • Get legal help to secure your rights.
  • Click on alternative media links to find out what’s really going on
  • Sign strategic petitions, with a click;
  • You can get into government archives, executive orders, founding fathers original documents, quotes…
  • You can even set up your personal “Dashboard” for quick access.
  •  There’s lots more. Explore it for yourself and find out.
This is MY contribution to our freedom.  What is YOUR part? 
Did you know that every person that speaks up represents 10,000 that do not. You have huge leverage.
The truth is a very small percentage of  vocal and committed people are steering our country to destruction.
It may seem we are powerless to change anything. Not true. YOUR VOICE CAN CHANGE THINGS.
The voice of a few founding fathers gave us our great USA…and the voice of a few can take it away or keep it!
Our Heroes fought and died for YOUR freedom, now it is YOUR turn to use YOUR voice to keep it.

America Bless God!